Trade shows have always been a great way to connect with new prospects and generate sales.

They set the foundations for niche industries, like ours, to grow and bloom into something special. And despite the price tag many trade shows carry, the opportunities business owners have when attending or exhibiting offer incredible benefits.

Below we highlight four main benefits why businesses exhibit and attend trade shows. Take a look and let us know what you think.

In-Person Exclusivity

Building rapport in-person with your prospects at a special event carries a lot of emotional currency to the “branding well” and also provides a sense of exclusivity. Leads are likely to purchase from brands they recognize and trust and trade shows provide companies with that exclusive opportunity to build strong professional bridges with target audiences.


Knowledge is power. Trade shows typically feature keynote speakers who talk about hot industry topics and upcoming trends, presenting unique conversations and rare opportunities that one may not find anywhere else. All business owners in attendance who choose to capitalize on these unique trade show insights have an advantage over others who do not.

Media Coverage

Reputable trade shows are media magnets and most especially when new product launches are involved. When businesses exhibit or attend trade shows they’ll be able to benefit (passively or aggressively) from the hyper-content creator environment. Mainstream media, tech bloggers, and the trade show community are always on the lookout for their next ‘cool find’ to tweet and report.


Did you know that 80% of sales are made on the fifth or twelfth contact? What’s more interesting is that the average sales professional only makes two attempts per prospect. Sales is definitely a main benefit and reason why businesses exhibit and attend trade shows. With hundreds and thousands of industry fans under one roof, business owners can connect and lead more prospects in attendance a step closer to a sale.


Trade shows are popular and sell out fast for multiple reasons and the points above highlight our main four. Despite brand awareness and sales being a conventional bottom line, having fun and enjoying a positive experience is equally as important. If you can think of another key benefit that isn’t on our list, feel free to send us a message and let us know. Until next post!

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