With Canada being home to reputable tech brands like BlackBerry, Shopify, Unbounce and Hootsuite and playing host to leading household tech companies like IBM, Google, Facebook and Twitter (all who have offices in Toronto), it’s obvious the Canadian tech sector is by no means a frozen wasteland.

In CBRE’s annual report, Toronto ranks 12th and Vancouver ranks 20th as top tech cities between the US and Canada and globally Canada ranks 4th in tech exits.

Our talented human resources mirrors our abundant homeland and as a way to showcase Canada’s beautiful pastures of talent, the good folks at CB Insights have taken the liberty to share an original illustration with us, showcasing Canada’s budding tech startup ecosystem as a periodic table.

CB Insights’ periodic table of tech in Canada highlights over 120+ tech companies “that have shaped Canadian tech” featuring elements ranging from VCs like BDC Capital and OMERS Ventures to incubators like FounderFuel to Corporate VC Firms like Intel Capital and Salesforce Ventures and more.

Did YOUR favourite brand make the cut?

Take a gander and let us know what you think in our comments section.

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