We’ve got an exciting addition to our show this year – a Start Up Pavilion showcasing new & emerging companies such as:

Communitech – Communitech helps tech companies start, grow and succeed. That’s our mission, our mantra, our reason for being. Everything we do ties back to collaboration and helping—values that run deep in our organization. Communitech has brought together some of their young new companies, including:


Alert Labs –  Alert Labs’ affordable basement monitoring solutions connect directly to the cellular network, are easy to install by anyone in under 2 minutes, requires no WiFi, and gives real-time and historical info on water consumption, leaks, floods, temperature, and more. Alert Labs’ products tell property managers, landlords, and homeowners what’s going on in their basements even when they’re not there, so they can avoid damage and save money, time, and natural resources.

Flexfinity – We’ve built HITCH an enhanced Smart WiFi Router that enables shared content caching, access, and delivery at the network edge; for building community/neighborhood wireless broadband mesh networks. HITCH leverages embedded predictive analytics, distributed (peer-to-peer) storage, processing, & energy capacity, as well as bandwidth optimizations to ensure sustainable broadband.

Reforges – we aspire to provide 24/7 live and cloud-based aerial data to accelerate businesses. Our solution connects intelligent robots with insightful knowledge by streamlining the process of aerial data management.

CellStore Software – our integrated point of sale, customer management, inventory management and repair ticketing suite provides cell phone shop owners with a singular connected system that ties all aspects of their store activities together.


Also, another Start Up company joining the pavilion is:

Trinity Mobile Application Technologies – specializing in a new revolutionary mobile APP “Trinity Phones” on iPhone, Android and BB10 for multiple telephone numbers on a single mobile phone.

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