About Us

Wireless Canada was designed for technical enterprises and service providers of communications from all over Canada. This magazine was created to help these enterprises with information vital to the industry, which would then make technical decisions.

Through editorial content, coverage from the news, events, awards, webinars, and numerous activities, we provide our key stakeholders with useful and current information that can be used to provide profitability. Our goal remains to see that our method of communication becomes more and more globally connected than ever.

The globally leading communication providers, industry innovators, agile enterprises, governments, standards organizations, regulatory bodies, academic institutions, and analysts look to Wireless Canada for current demands from the market, government mandates, the latest trends, and technical advances.

Wireless Canada works hand-in-hand with executives and service providers worldwide to ensure that the company’s information predictions can be relied on for technological decisions. We are a conduit serving in between technology innovators and service providers. We provide compelling content and effective services for marketing that foster opportunity for collaboration between the two communities.