Artificial intelligence (AI) has rapidly progressed over the last decade. Today, the technological possibilities are endless – facial recognition and SIRI are great examples. This technological revolution has provided endless opportunities for the development and advancement of more tech platforms. However, there are still ethical challenges surrounding AI technology. is based in Ottawa. It is an AI software management company that partners with technical experts, governments, entrepreneurs, and industries to create trustworthy AI systems worldwide.

The CEO and co-founder of is Niraj Bhargava. He was recently interviewed virtually on trust, ethics, and the government in regards to AI. With over 30 years in the technological field, with experience in leadership and business creation, Bhargava’s profile is unique and impressive. He is a lead expert of a team working on giving clients AI-enabled solutions, trust management techniques, and highly accurate voice recognition. focuses on making AI governance transparent, ethical, and explainable. Governance policies are put into place to interact within and around organizations and to serve them.