Fiona Leong is a leading expert in procurement engineering. She works in Toronto’s Clear Blue Technologies. Her firm provides clients with cost-efficient power technology that is smart and off-grid. It can be managed via the internet, installed anywhere, and used in industrial controls, security systems, IoT devices, street lights, and telecoms with unmatched reliability.

Leong’s interest in electronic engineering began when she was very young. Her curious mind asked questions and loved experimenting with her family’s PC. In the summer, while she was still in high school, she took extra science, math, technical, and computer classes in high school to her interest.

Leong’s message to other female engineers is simple: be courageous. She advises that female engineers should make their goals to advance their career path and to reach for leadership positions without fear. Many opportunities have bypassed qualified female engineers because they simply have not been considered for the position in a male-dominated career path. Leong counsels that speaking up and never giving up has been key to her success in leadership.