The emergence of AI has made every job easier and teaching is not left out. The academic sphere is slowly getting digitized and the introduction of AI tech might seem a bit too far. However, nothing is too far as long as it helps the teachers educate students. Gadgets such as laptops and tablets have been successfully incorporated into the classrooms.

Since hardware runs on software, introducing AI apps into the classrooms won’t be a herculean task. Before making such moves, we must be certain AI tech is good for learning. This guide will show you how AI can help teachers do their work conveniently and efficiently.

Computer-based Tests

The reason most schools prefer the computer-based test over the paper-pencil test is that CBT makes marking easier. Another valid reason is that humans make mistakes and AI tech is totally efficient. The only way AI software can make a mistake is if it is programmed to do so. AI technology is great for marking multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank questions, but grading essays or theory answers using AI tech is not yet feasible. Why?

Assuming the AI computer can decipher the handwriting of the student, how can the lecturer/teacher program the AI to think like them? In higher institutions, the right answer to every question is not necessarily the same in all institutions, especially in subjects like philosophy and dialectics. Such tests depend on the person marking. In a case where personalizing AI software to suit a lecturer’s style of marking is possible, would it be worth the time and of course, money?

One Student per AI Tutor

Assigning a teacher per student is not feasible, as the population of students is way larger compared to the number of teachers. Hence, a more reasonable approach is to assign students as many AI tutors as needed. Don’t get me wrong; nothing can take the place of human teachers. AI apps can help students with mathematics, geography, and other subjects even when they are at home.

The person who started the cliché – learning never ends – must have thought of AI technology. The AI tech could give teachers feedback on what each student needs to improve on. Also, AI tech can give distant students, visually impaired students, and hospitalized students unrestricted access to the classroom.

The Teacher’s Assistant

There are several responsibilities that come with the teaching job that oftentimes distract teachers from their major role – impacting knowledge. These tasks include grading, attendance marking, and documenting. These seemingly small tasks can make the life of a teacher stressful. The AI tech is the teacher’s best friend. With AI tech, teachers can automate these tasks and keep tabs on important information.

School from Home

The 2020 lockdown made normal school gatherings impossible and unsafe. For schools to bridge the gap between teachers and students, they need AI software. Operating these apps can be hard for students and teachers if their school did not support the idea of AI prior to the pandemic.