How are Companies Sourcing Components In These Uncertain Times?

Supply chains face risks in these times, including trade wars, data breaches, and the most recent large-scale risk due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has led to a huge impact on the supply and demand for supply chains that are further reaching, resilient, and stronger.

As a result, the EP&T company has assembled various members from the ecosystem of electronics supply in Canada. This meeting was held virtually. The discussion was made with experts of design ecosystem and electronics engineering to discuss the management of current shortages, sourcing components, and succeeding in the pandemic and second sourcing.

The event is hosted by Stephen Law, an editor in EP&T. An expert in the industry will open the event with information about the latest research findings and the state of current affairs during the pandemic. It is a whole day event divided into 3 main sessions.

The panel will also include industry representatives of electronic manufacturers who play an integral role in the supply chain issue. Insights coming from leading edge design houses will also be heard during the event.