The virtual EPTECH event is a show created by the electronics industry. The EP&T Magazine is in charge of its operation. It is the leader of information for Canada’s technology designers and electronics engineers. It is attended by designers, electronic engineers, OEMs, MRO, R&D, buyers, purchasers, distributors, representatives of manufacturers, brokers, component manufacturers, consultants, project managers, providers of EMS and CEMs services.

Great Content

The most important part of all events is what the event is about. Virtual EPTECH provides top-notch sessions to aid attendees to maximize their business potential. These sessions are led by experts in the industry.

An exhibition booth is set up where attendees can discuss their projects with new suppliers and partners and gain fresh insights on their potential problems.

Details About The Program

  • Location: It will be a virtual program this year. The webinar site is GoToWebinar.
  • Time: April 28th, 2021. 1:00pm prompt. A break will be given for 15 minutes between each live session. Access will be granted on the morning of the event via email after registration has been finalized.
  • Inclusions: Registration allows full access to live sessions, product demonstrations, virtual keynotes, and recorded content

The program is not usually held virtually; however, at Wireless Canada, the wellbeing and safety of the community is a priority to us. By creating an online webinar, there will be zero exposure to COVID-19.